Papo Cat

 Written by: Mena Nazari

Once upon a time, a long-tail cat and her two kittens, Papo and Mamo were living in a house.

One day, when long-tail had gone to find some food for her kitten, Papo said to Mamo that he wants to go out for a while and promised that he would come back home before the arrival of his mother. Mamo wanted Papo not to tell anything about the issue to his mother.

 Papo prevented him and said that his mother wanted them not to leave home without her permission but Mamo did not accept and went out.

The long-tail cat came back home in the evening and she did saw Mamo at home. She asked Papo about him.

Papo told her the whole story.

The weather was getting dark but Mamo did come back home.

The long-tail cat and Papo went out to find Mamo. The Long-tail asked a hen about Mamo. The hen replied that she has not seen him. Meanwhile, a roaster said that he saw that a dog was chasing Mamo and they went toward the hillside.

Long-tail worried about Papo and ran toward the hillside. She heard the meow of Papo and went near. She found Papo in a bad condition inside a cave.

 Papo’s leg was injured and could not walk normally. The long-tail cat asked about his injury. Papo said that it was late evening that a dog chased him and hurt his leg but he entered the cave and the dog went back.Papo promised that he would not step out from home alone afterward.