Year: 28 Week: 43

Episode: 4303

Scene: 21413

Gulalai informs Hameeda that the Covid-19 vaccine has reached to the clinic.

Hameeda says that she would send her husband, Qambarul to get information about the vaccine.

Scene: 21414

Majeed says to his wife, Shazia that he took his daughter, Mena to the doctor.

Shazia becomes happy that Nazir did not give her medicines.

Scene: 21415

Qambargul says to Hameeda that applying the Covid-19 vaccine causes infertility but Hameeda rejects and wants him to talk to the doctor about this issue.

Scene: 21416

Karim and Ahmad grab Adam Khan from his collar and wanted to beat him but Rahim comes and suggests them to solve the problem by talking.

Episode: 4304

Scene: 21417

Samandar asks Rahimdad about the absence of Allahdad in the village.

 Rahimdad replies that he has sent him outside the village for a short time.

Scene: 21418

Hameeda looks sad. Nargis asks about the cause. Hameeda replies that Covid-19 vaccine have reached the clinic but her husband, Qambargul talks about the negative effects of the vaccine.

Scene: 21419

Nazir visits Ghafar and wants to hug him but Ghafar prevents and wants him to observe social distance due to coronavirus.

Nazir wants him not be afraid and says that he would prepare such medicine that would illuminate coronavirus at all.

Scene: 21420

Hameeda gives a magazine for study to Qabargul.

Qambargul asks about the contents of the magazine. Hameeda replies that there is a subject about the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccine and wants him to study it.

Episode: 4305

Scene: 21421

Qambargul says to Naseem that Covid-19 vaccines have reached to the clinic but he is confused to apply it or not.

Naseem suggests talking about this issue with the doctor of the clinic.

Scene: 21422

Nazir hangs some plastic bottles on his neck. Mahjabeen asks him that why he has hung dirty bottles on his neck.

Nazir replies that he wants to fill them with the medicines that he has prepared for illuminating coronavirus.

Scene: 21423

Qambargul goes to the clinic and says to the doctor that he is suspicious about the Covid-19 vaccine.

The doctor says that the vaccine prevents the coronavirus to transfer from an infected person to a healthy one.

Scene: 21424

Sarwar Khan asks Rahim that he prevented Ahmad and Karim from beating Adam Khan.

Rahim says that taking revenge is not the solution and he wants him to solve his issue with Adam Khan by talking.