Year: 28 Week: 42

Episode: 4300

Scene: 21401

Shazia and Hamida are taking water from the village water pipe. Shazia seems happy about clean drinking water.

Hameeda thanks Akbar and other villagers for repairing the water pipe.

Scene: 21402

Allahdad calls Shikeba and asks her about the cause that she wants him to leave the village.

Shikeba replies that she could not tell him anything about it and she adds that Allahdad must leave the village.

Scene: 21403

Fatima comes back from Zarmena’s house. Omid and Zarghona ask about the cause of their grandmother’s sickness. Fatima replies that as the water pipe was broken, most villagers were drinking stream water, and then they were infected with cholera.

Scene: 21404

Mujeeb wants his sister, Meena to climb on the wall and take a kite that is stuck in the tree.

When Meena wants to take the kite, she falls from the wall on the ground and cries.

Episode: Scene: 4301

Scene: 21405

 Meena is crying. His mother, Shazia asks about the cause. Meena replies that Mujeeb forced her to take a kite stuck in the tree.

Scene: 21406

Karim comes home late in the night. His wife, Shahperai asks that why he is late.

Karim replies that he was visiting Sarwar Khan.

Scene: 21407

Rabiagul complains from Allahdad and says to Naseem that barbers also count themselves as human beings.

Naseem says that barbers are also like other human beings and there is no difference among us.

Scene: 21408

Rahim asks Omid that why he is worried and not going to the class.

Omid replies that he saw Sarwar Khan and some other villagers were going to Sarband village with weapons.

Episode: 4302

Scene: 21409

Samargul suggests his mother, Zarmeena to wash her hands after going to the toilet.

Zarmeena accepts and says that she suffered more from cholera which causes by contaminated water and not observing hygiene. 

Scene: 21410

Meena’s hand is broken and he takes her to the clinic but the clinic is closed. He asks Nazir about the cause.

 Nazir replies that he is painting it and says to Majed that he will dress his daughter’s broken hand.

Scene: 21411

Shukria is sad and says to her son, Samiullah that Shikeba is abnormal is in these days.

Samiullah assures her that nothing has happened to Shikeba.

Scene: 21412

Atifa says to Palwasha that Gulalai suggested boiling water before drinking.

Palwasha says that it’s not necessary to boil springs and deep wells water.