Black Cat

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon black, piebald, and gray cats were living in a big house. One evening piebald and gray cats were finding the black cat to inform her from the competition that was announced by the old cat but they could not find her.

They asked a hen about her but she replied that she have not seen the black cat.

When they decided to go to sleep in the hay room, they heard the falling and crying of the black cat from the roof of the hay room. They went near and took her to the hay room and treated her but the black said that she is always suffering from headaches and forgets everything. The gray cat asked the cause of her headaches and Alzheimer but the black cat did not know.

Piebald and gray cats told the black cat about the competition among cats and added that the old cat will give a big gift to the winner.

The black cat said that she might not win the competition due to her exhaustion and headache.

The next day all cats participated in the competition with the black cat. The gray cat went back home and asked the black cat that why she did not come to the competition. The black cat replied that she had forgotten.

they took the black cat to the old cat's house. When the old cat saw that the black cat was very tired and was not able to answer any questions, she asked her about the cause of her tiredness and headache. The black cat replied that she has found a plastic ball and all day and night, she plays with it and does not go to sleep.

The old cat said that insomnia caused her to forget everything and get headaches.

The black cat promised that she would go to sleep on time afterward even during the day if she finds time.