Considering Health Tips of Coronavirus at Schools

Written by: Samira Haleemzai

A school is a place for gathering many students and if they do not observe social distance during Coronavirus, they can create problems both for themselves and others.
AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some students about this issue.

Parwin, an eleventh-grade student, a resident of Qarabgh district, Kabul province says, “I was infected with Coronavirus at school and I was suffering more from this disease. It affected my lungs too. I transferred this virus to my home and all the members of my family were infected with this virus. My parents recovered but my grandfather died of Coronavirus.”

Rabiullah, a resident of Paghman district, Kabul province says, “I was infected with Coronavirus at school but I did not know that I had been infected with this virus. I transmitted Coronavirus to my home and my uncle died of it.”

What do some students think about the causes of this virus?

Rabiullah says, “I was not using facemask at school and infected with Coronavirus easily.”
Parwin says, “One of my classmates was suffering from Coronavirus and I thought that she was suffering from the common cold. I was sitting beside her and she was always shaking hands with me. Later I was infected with Coronavirus too.”

How do students observe health tips at school to prevent Coronavirus?
Humaira, a resident of Qarabagh district says, “I always use facemask and sanitizer at school and outside home to prevent me and others from Coronavirus.  I also observe two-meter distance with others.”

Sayeeda, a teacher at one of the schools of the mentioned district says, “To prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we have arranged the chairs of students according to the health tips of Ministry of Public Health. We recommend students using a facemask and do not shake hands with each other. If any of the students get the common cold, we want them to stay at home for two weeks.”