Year: 28 Week: 41

Episode: 4297

Scene: 21389

Ahmad said to Karim that Adam Khan and his son, Jamal Khan has beaten Sarwar Khan.

Karim gets angry and promises that he would take revenge on them. Ahmad wants him to wait till he talks to his other friends too.

Scene: 21390

Gulmakai goes to the clinic and says to Gulalai that she wants to treat her infertility.

Gulalai says that they do not have the facilities for treatment of infertility and she suggests going to the provincial clinic.

Scene: 21391

Sarwar Khan asks Ahmad if he talked to Karim or not.

Ahmad replies yes and adds that they are ready to take his revenge on Adam Khan.

Scene: 21392

Allahdad is playing a sad song in the flute on the hillside. Naseem asks the cause of his sadness.

Allahdad replies that he talked to Shikeba and she suggested leaving the village.

Episode: 4298

Scene: 21393

Samandar says to Qabargul that one of his family members is suffering from nausea and diarrhea.

Qambargul suggests taking his patient to the clinic.

Scene: 21394

Ghafar wants to take his wife, Gulmakai to the provincial clinic. Abida wishes them a safe trip and prays them to return with good news.

Scene: 21395

Samargul digs the ground around the water pipe and sees that the water pipe is broken.

Akbar says that if the villagers had unity, they might repair the pipe before.

 Samargul confirms and adds that in that case, most villagers might not infect with cholera.

Scene: 21396

Shukria looks sad. Her son, Samiullah asks about the cause.

 Shukria replies that Shikeba is very upset these days.

Episode: 4299

Scene: 21397

Gulalai asks Ahmad if he was talking to Sarwar Khan about taking revenge on Adam Khan.

Ahmad replies no and adds that they were talking about the crop yield.

Scene: 21398

Nazir wants to find his used clothes in Mahjbeen’s suitcase. Mahjabeen asks about his need for used clothes. Nazir replies that he wants to paint the clinic.

Scene: 21399

Samiullah asks Shikeba about her sadness.

Shikeba pretends that she is all right.

Scene: 21400

Karim comes to Sarwar Khan’s garden and says to Sarwar Khan that he and Ahmad decided to take his revenge on Adam Khan.

Sarwar Khan thanks him and says that he always pushes him on bad days.