Written by: Meena Nazari

Once upon a time, many bees were living in a jungle. Miso, Palo and Chindo bees were among them.

One day all bees were making a hive together but Miso was trying to make a hive by herself and said to others that she is so strong that needs no help from others.

A few minutes later Chindo and Palo heard the crying of Miso. When they went near her, they saw that a wall of the hive was destroyed and Miso’s wing was injured.

Chindo and Palo took him to her house. A few days later, Chinto and Palo heard the laughter of Miso and when they asked about her health, Miso replied that she is so strong that the falling of the wall on her wing did not hurt it.

Meanwhile, the queen of bees said that her daughter, the yellow bee is very sick and her illness could be only treated by the pollen of black rose. The queen promised that whoever brings the pollen of black rose first, she would present her/him a good gift.

All bees wanted to find the pollen but they did not know where to find it. Miso said that she knows that black roses could be found in a mountain far from the jungle and she added that there are two ways to that place; the nearest way is full of danger but the second way is safe but so long that wastes their time.

Chilndo and Palo preferred to choose the long-distance way but Miso said that she is not afraid of anything and went on the nearest way.

When she reached the middle of the way, a strong wind prevented him from going ahead and she crashed into a big stone and fell on the ground and she was not able to move or fly.

Chindo and Palo took the pollen of black rose to the queen but Miso was missing.

They found her along the way in an unconscious state. They took her back home and after treatment, she got her health back. The queen awarded Chindo and Palo with gifts for bringing the pollen of black rose.

Miso promised that she would never be proud and selfish anymore.