Fat Monkey

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Red, fat, and yellow monkeys were living in a jungle. The fat monkey was famous for making clay pitchers. 

One day the fat monkey was very angry and she was removing her home appliances and wanted to leave with bag and baggage.

When the red monkey saw her, she thought that the fat monkey wanted to keep her home appliances in the sun. she went near her and wanted to help her but the fat monkey did not let her and told her that yellow and red monkeys are not her friends anymore and she denied to talk to them and wanted the red to leave her alone. Meanwhile, the fat monkey saw that a black monkey was coming and she became very happy and welcome her.

The yellow money arrived and the red monkey told her the whole story. Yellow said that the fat monkey was not coming out of her house for a few days but she had no quarrel with her.

The red monkey said that the black monkey had a quarrel with the fat monkey but now the fat monkey said that the black monkey is her best friend and she wanted to live with her afterward and she took all her household appliances and left her house.

Red and yellow monkeys’ babies were very thirsty and they wanted their mothers to bring drinking water. Yellow and Red monkeys took their pitchers to take water from the spring. When they walked a few steps ahead, they saw that a few wild cows were coming toward them. Red and yellow monkeys ran and the water pitchers fell from their heads and smashed.

The monkeys became very sad because their babies were thirsty and the spring was far from their homes and they did not know how to take water.

Meanwhile, a magpie, sitting on a branch of a tree said that she would help them with this issue.

Monkeys asked about the solution. The magpie took them to the black monkey’s house where the fat monkey moved there too.

Red and yellow monkeys asked the fat monkey that why she is angry with them.

The fat monkey replied, “A few days ago, I was swinging in a tree near my house that suddenly the branch of the tree broke; I fell and hurt my leg. I was in trouble but no one came to visit me. The next day, the black monkey was passing my house and she heard me crying and came to my house. She treated my injured leg and gave me food too.”

Yellow and red monkeys were ashamed and asked her apology and wanted her to back with them and make them pitchers, but the fat monkey denied.

The black monkey wanted the fat to go back with them, and she accepted, and they started to live together again.