Year: 28 Week: 35

Episode: 4291

Scene: 21365

Hameeda suggests Shikeba call Allahabad and inform him of the Fatih Khan’s conspiracy.

Shikeba says that talking on the phone is not suitable for her.

Scene: 21366

Ahmad goes to the clinic and asks Sarwar Khan about the issue.

Sarwar Khan wants him not to ask anything from him.

Scene: 21367

Shikeba calls Allahdad but Rahimdad answers. Shikeba doesn’t talk to him.

Scene: 21368

The doctor says to Gulalai that the number of cholera patients in the lower village is increasing.

Gulalai says that they should find the origin of this disease.

Episode: 4292

Scene: 21369

Nargis asks Shikeba that why she seems unhappy these days.

 Shikeba replies that she is okay.

Scene: 21370

Gulmakai goes to the clinic. Nazir stops her at the gate of the clinic and wants his money from her.

Gulmakai blames Nazir for suggesting wearing goatskin and adds that due to wearing it, she is suffering from skin disease.

Scene: 21371

Allahdad says to Naseem that he thinks that Shikeba had called him.

Naseem denies and says that Shikeba would never call him.

Scene: 21371

Gulalai asks about the source of their drinking water.

Akbar replies that the water pump is broken and villagers are drinking stream water. 

Scene: 21372

Gulalai says to the doctor that the dwellers of the lower village are drinking stream water.

The doctor says that contaminated water is the main source of cholera disease and adds that they should aware the dwellers of the health damages of stream water.

Scene: 21373

Gulmakai takes some medicines. Abida asks about them. Gulmakai replies that she is suffering from skin disease.

Scene: 21374

Karim asks Ahmad about the cause of Sarwar Khan’s injury.

Ahmad replies that Sarwar Khan did tell anything about it.

Scene: 21375

Gulmakai says to Atifa that wearing goatskin caused her skin disease.

Atifa says that wearing animal skins causes dangerous diseases.