Year: 28 Week: 34

Episode: 4288

Scene: 21353

Rabiagul asks Atifa that she has work goatskin. Atifa replies that to deliver a baby boy, she is wearing a goatskin.

Rabiagul says that animals’ skin could not change the fate of a human.

Scene: 21354

Gualalai asks the doctor about the disease of Zarmena.

The doctor replies that the patient is infected with cholera and we have to hospitalize her for essential treatment.

Scene: 21355

Ghafar asks his wife, Gulmakai that who has thrown the rotten skin in the home yard.

Gulmakai replies that she had worn the skin of a goat to deliver a baby.

Scene: 21356

Ahmad is in hurry and wants to leave his house. His wife, Palwasha asks about the cause.

Ahmad replies that Sarwar Khan is injured.

Episode: 4289

Scene: 21357

Hameeda is talking to Shikeba on the phone. Shikeba is crying. Hameeda asks about the cause of his crying. Shikeba replies that she has heard about the sad news.

Scene: 21358

Akbar asks Gulalai about the sickness of Zarmena. Gulalai replies that Zarmena is infected with cholera and she has to be in bed for a few days.

Scene: 21359

Hameeda asks Shikeba about the cause of her crying on the telephone.

Shikeba replies that her father, Fatih Khan had given money to someone to hit Aallhdad with the car.

Scene: 21360

Dilbaro wants her husband, Adam Khan to hide somewhere because all villagers are aware of Sarwar Khan's injury.

Adam Khan says that Sarwar Khan has no one to ask about him.

Episode: 4290

Scene: 21361

Ahmad asks Gulalai about Sarwar Khan’s health.

Gualalai replies that he is better but suffering from headaches.

Scene: 21362

Gulmakai complains of her body burning and itching.

Abida suggests her going to the clinic.

Scene: 21363

Shahperai is applying henna to her hands. Karim says to her that her brother, Sarwar Khan is injured and she is applying henna to her hands.

Scene: 21364

Samargul visits Gul Khan in the clinic and asks about his sickness.

Gul Khan replies that his mother, Shukria is infected with cholera.