‌Bear and Monkey

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, many animals and birds were living in a big jungle. Among them were a few monkeys and a red bear too.

One of the days a fat monkey cried and wanted the help of others. All monkeys gathered around him and they saw that one of his legs was broken. Meanwhile, the fat monkey lost consciousness and could neither move nor talk.

A skinny monkey took the doctor of the monkey. The doctor asked about the incident. Some monkeys thought that the lion might hurt him but the doctor denies it.

The skinny monkey wanted the doctor to treat the fat monkey first and then he would tell that what had happened to him.

The doctor needed some honey but it was difficult to find it.

The short-tail skinny monkeys went to find honey. They reached an old tree and climbed it but find nothing and got tired. They sat on a branch and to have rest that they saw some bees were entering a hole in the tree. 

They became very happy and wanted to take some honey but they saw a red bear came near the tree and sat on the ground.

They went near the bear and wanted to tease him. The bear prevented them but they continued teasing him. The bear was mad and he attacked them. The monkeys ran and climbed back on the tree and hid in the hive of bees.

Bees were biting them and they were crying and wanted the bear to forgive them.

The bear said that a fat monkey was also teasing him but he gave him a good lesson.

The red bear climbed the tree and sat in front of the beehive. The monkeys were very afraid of him. A few minutes later, the leg of the red bear slept and fell from the tree and hurt his back. The monkeys became happy and took some honey and gave it to the doctor. The doctor treated the fat monkey. All monkeys promised that they would never tease mad animals afterward.