Lost Turtle

 Written by: Meena Nazari

Once upon a time, a few turtles were living in a big jungle with other animals.

One day a small turtle left his home for a feast and passed a long way but she did not find the venue where the feast was held. She sat beside a river and started crying.

A duck saw her and asked about her destination. The small turtle replied that she doesn’t know the exact address of that place but the elder of the turtle told me to follow the way beside the river.


Duck said that she could not help her with this issue. Meanwhile, a fox saw the duck and turtle and became happy to find a good hunt. He came near them and said that he would help them reach the venue of the party.

The duck told the small turtle that they should not believe in the fox but the small turtle said that she has to reach the feast as soon as possible.

The fox showed them a narrow way and said them that the way goes directly to the venue of the party.

When they went a few steps ahead, the fox attacked; Duck and small turtle cried.  A black bear heard their crying and rescued them from the fox. Meanwhile, they saw that a big turtle was coming toward them and she asked the small turtle that why she is late. The small turtle told her the whole story and wanted her to take them to the feast.

The big turtle saw the fox along the way and she told the small turtle and duck that the fox might hunt them but the small turtle wanted them not to be afraid and follow her. They reached the place where the fox was waiting for them. The duck was behind them. Suddenly the fox attacked them. the duck pushed the fox into the river and thus she rescued the turtle and herself from the fox.

The small and big turtle thanked the duck to rescue them from the fox. The big turtle took them to the feast. The small turtle accept her mistake that why she had not asked about the exact address of the venue.