Mechanism for Complaining about Administrative Procedures

 Written by: Mir Aqa Etibar

 Public administration offices have been established to bring order and perform the job for the citizens and solve their problems but in some cases, the decisions of some public administration offices are against the will of the dwellers and the residents of the area do not know where to complain about these issues

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some people about the solution to these issues

Shahzada, the elder of Kakars village, Qarabagh district says, “Our village has more population than our neighboring village and our vineyards are also more than them but the government built more mudbricks (Kishmishkhana) in that village and we have only one mudbrick and now are facing more problems when drying grapes and we don’t know where to complain

Naqib Ahmad says, “We had been irrigating our fields from Panjshir River but an NGO built a barrier to prevent flood, now we have no water in our village. We complained to the governor of Parwan province and he promised to solve this issue but he did not fulfill his promise. Our gardens are drying due to the lack of water and even we do not have drinking water and we do not know where to complain

Zalmai Malyar, Assistant professor of Law at Herat university says, “According to Articles 30 and 38 of the Administrative Enforcement Law, citizens have the right to object to the administrative decision of any government agency. One person or a group of people or an NGO, company or other organization has the right to complain or protest against any government office to solve their problems

Where could citizens complain?

A woman, a resident of Qarabgh district says, “Any decisiontakes by a governmental office and causes problems for people, people can complain against that office

Faridullah Dargai says, “People cannot protest only against governmental buildings like schools, hospitals, and other social services but they can complain against teachers, doctors, and other government officials as well

Malyar says, “Any citizen or villager has the right to object. If they face problems in getting national id cards; property documents; driving license; driving permit and others, they can protest against related office but a private issue like fighting and quarreling with relatives of neighbors are not included in these issues