Year: 28 Week: 31

Episode: 4279

Scene: 21317

Shukria and Zarmena want to take drinking water from the water pipe. Shukria says that the water pipe is broken and she wants Zarmena to take water from the stream.

Zarmena blames the villagers for not paying attention to the repairing of the water pipe.

Scene: 21318

Lalbaz comes late home. His wife, Ghotai asks about the cause. Lalbaz replies that he helped in the dispute between Adam Khan and Sarwar Khan.

Scene: 21319

Zarmena wants her son, Qambargul to give her some drinking water but Qambargul prevents her from drinking contaminated water. Zarmena insists and says that she is thirsty and wants to drink water.

Scene: 21320

Gulmakai says to Abida that she is suffering from nausea.

Abida guesses that she might be pregnant and wants her to go to the clinic.

Episode: 4280

Scene: 21321

Gulalai says to Gulmakai that her laboratory result is negative. Gulmakai becomes disappointed that says that she would never get pregnant.

Scene: 21322

Shikeba takes a water pail home and Allahdad visits her on the way and he wants to talk to her. Shikeba prevents him and adds that if someone sees them, they might be disgraced.

Scene: 21323

Gulmakai says to Nazir that she is suffering from stomach aches but she thought that she would become the mother of a child. Nazir promises that he would prepare her medicines that Gulmakai would become the mother of many children soon.

Episode: 4281

Scene: 21324

Zarmena continuously vomits. Hamida suggests going to the clinic for treatment. Ghafar is taking some goods in a kart to home. Nazir has sheepskin and wants Ghafar to take it to the village too but Ghafar says that he could not take it.

Scene: 21325

Allahdad goes to Fatih Khan’s house and says to Fatih Khan that he wants to talk to Gul Khan. Fatih Khan looks angry and says that Gul Khan is not at home and wants Allahdad to find him somewhere else.

Scene: 21326

Zarmena complains to her husband, Akbar about stomach aches and diarrhea. Akbar wants her to take some home medicines.

Scene: 21327

Nazir takes the skin of sheep to his home. His wife, Mahjabeen wants him to throw the skin away due to its bad odor. Nazir denies and says that he wants to prepare medicines for sterile women.