Year: 28 Week: 30

Episode: 4276

Scene: 21305

Ghafar says to Naseem that he threw the remains of the sacrificed sheep on the village ground.

Naseem says that he should bury them in the ground.

Scene: 21306

Shikeba has applied henna to her hands. Hameeda asks if she has written someone’s name on her hand.

Shikeba replies no and adds that she has only designed flowers on her hands.

Scene: 21307

Dilbaro asks Ghotai that how they controlled their vegetable disease.

Ghotai replies that Ahmad recommended a spray for them.

 Scene: 21308

Naseem asks Gul Khan if he has complained from Allahdad to Raheemdad.

Gul Khan replies that he only talked to him in the fever of Allahdad.

Episode: 4277

Scene: 21309

Lalbaz and his son, Shams are loading cabbages and lettuce on the kart for selling in the market.

 Ghotai wishes that they would sell all the crops. Lalbaz says that he is sure to sell them all due to having a good market.

Scene: 21310

Sarwar Khan says to Adam Khan that he could not pay such a large amount of money for the person at the district office.

Adam Khan suggests selling a piece of his land.

Scene: 21311

Jandad asks Lalbaz that how he became so rich.

Lalbaz replies that it is the result of his efforts with the cultivation of cabbage and lettuce.

Scene: 21312

Naseem says to Allahdad he could not get any information from Gul Khan.

Allahdad says that he would talk to Gul Khan about this issue.

Episode: 4278

Scene: 21313

Jandad asks Allahdad that to whom he talked on the phone.

Allahdad replies that he wanted to visit Gul Khan but Gul K rejected it.

Scene: 21314

Qambargul says to his father, Akbar that he walked into the village and all villagers had applied what the juveniles of the village wanted them and they had buried the remains of sacrificed animals.

Akbar says that it was a good deed done by the juveniles.

Scene: 21315

Gulalai wishes Sarwar Khan that he would not deal with Adam Khan.

Sarwar Khan wants her not to rub salt in his wounds.

Scene: 21316

Gul Khan is listening to sad music. His wife, Nargis asks about the cause.

Gul Khan replies that he is sad about Allahdad’s issue.