Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Jawid was a boy who was living in a green village from the city. Jawid and his friends were organizing a picnic every Friday.

One day Jawid came home and said to his mother that he wants to cook everything for the feast because it was his turn to arrange the picnic. His mother said that she knows that each of his friends has to prepare food for the picnic on his turn. Jawid’s mother promised that they have grown ladyfingers and other vegetables in their home yard and she would prepare him a good lunch.

Jawid denied her suggestion and wanted his mother to cook rice, meat, potato chips, and chicken. His mother said that they do not have enough money at home to prepare so many items because Jawid’s father has gone to work in the city about some months ago but Jawid denied it and said that his other friends cook everything and he must prepare a good lunch for them.

Jawid's mother said that she earned some money for emergency cases and she could not spend them but Jawid strongly wanted her to prepare lunch for her saving.

Jawid’s mother prepared the lunch as Jawid wanted.

When Jawid came back from the feast, he called her mother but he heard no reply. Jawid entered the room and found his small sister, Nadia in an unconscious state.

Jawid loved Nadia more. After a few minutes, Jawid’s mother entered the room and saw Nadia in a very bad health condition. Jawid wanted her to take Nadia to the doctor. Jawid’s mother replied that she doesn’t have any more money at home to take Nadia to a doctor because Jawid spent all her savings.

Nadia's disease was getting worse and Jawid became very sad. Jawid’s mother borrowed some money from her brother and treated Nadia.

The next Friday, Jawid’s friend, Samir invited his friends for the feast. All boys were happy without Jawid. Samir asked about his sadness.

Jawid told the whole story. Samir, Atal, and their other friends said that they would not organize feasts afterward but Jawid said that they would arrange feasts but everyone should prepare food according to his expenditure.