Work Procedures in Public Administration

 Written by: Awesta Fazli

The work procedure of each department is different from others. Each office has its own rules, regulations, and procedures. For example, one office may accept content with just a copy of the ID card (Tazkera), but another office might want the original ID card and possibly other documents. But in Afghanistan, most people do not have information about the work procedures of public administration and this issue might cause some problems.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some people about this issue.

Najeebullah, a resident of Kabul city says, “The most controversial work in Afghanistan is the procedure of public administration. Once I wanted to get an electronic ID card, and for this purpose, one has to confirm his/her Tazkera.

I went to the population and statistic office in Kabul city but the responsible person in the mentioned office told me that my Tazkera is not registered at the main office, Kabul city because the Tazkera was issued in Baghlan province and he sent me to Baghlan province, and there they registered it and it took a long time.”

Idris, another resident of Kabul city, says, “I wanted to get my high school diploma. I collected 500 Afghanis and my photos with our school principal but he did not take any action. I had to go to school every day if he proceeded with my document or not.

One day, one of the teachers of my school told me that principal has spent the money the students had collected for diplomas. I proceeded with my work and I got my diploma after a month.”

What do some people think about the causes of these problems?

Jamila, a resident of Kabul city says, “My father had died and I had to prepare collateral to get my father’s pension but  I was not familiar with administrative procedures and no was helping me. One employee signed my petition but he did not stamp it and when I went to the same office the next day, that employee was absent.”

Idris says, “Some of the employees want bribe; some of them are lazy, and others come late to the office and leave early.”

How do some people solve their problems in public administration?

Jamila says, “When I faced problems, I complained to the director of the related office, and when I went for the second time to the same office, they had fired that official.”

Najeebullah says, “The offices should give responsibilities to skillful officials, and the officials should provide their daily work report and should avoid customers mistreating and sabotage.”