‌Bear and Yellow Deer

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

There was a big jungle far from the city and various kinds of animals were living in it.  It was a year of drought and no drinking water was available throughout the forest without a spring near the jungle and all animals were drinking water from that only spring and no green hay was found in the whole area.

One day many animals were standing in a row for drinking water. It was the yellow deer’s turn to drink water but a bear arrived and pushed the yellow deer and took his turn and drank water. Yellow deer fall on a big stone near the spring and broke his leg.

Other animals blamed the bear but the bear denied it and said that he was thirsty and wanted to drink water but the yellow was preventing him.

The yellow deer was crying and said that he will complain against him to the lion, king of the jungle. Bear said that many animals would testify as witnesses that he is not to blame.

 A piebald deer and some other animals took the yellow deer to the doctor of animals and she treated the broken leg of the yellow deer.

Piebald and yellow deer went to the castle and for complaint but the lion was out. Meanwhile, a black rabbit was walking in the yard of the castle. The yellow deer asked about the lion. The black rabbit replied that she did not know anything about him.

The piebald deer asked about the bear. The black rabbit replied that he would not tell where the bear is.

The lion arrived and the deer greeted him. The king asked about their problem. The yellow told the whole story.

The lion wanted the yellow to call their witnesses for testifying his claims but many animals blamed the yellow deer. Meanwhile, a monkey, sitting on a tree said that he saw that bear pushed the yellow deer and broke his leg.

The king said that he had already known about the story and he fined the bear and wanted him to bring soilage (green hay) for the yellow deer.

The bear accepted his mistake; apologized to the yellow deer and went to find green hay.