Taking Care of Children at Picnic

Written by: Samira Haleemzai

Some Afghan families go to a picnic at weekends or some special days and most of them take their children with them. If they do not take care of their children, some children might face problems.

AEOP’s writer/producer has talked to some people about this issue.

Raihana, a resident of Paghman district, Kabul province says, “One Eid’s days we had gone to a picnic. A boy about 13 years old sank in the water. When they brought him out, he was dead.”

Zulfia, a resident of Laghman province says, “Once we had gone to picnic to a park. One of our relatives was swinging on a swing and he got high and suddenly he lost his balance and fell on the ground from the swing and he was in a coma for a long time.”

Why some children face problems at the picnic?

Sana, a resident of Kabul city says, “The main of cause this issue is the indifference of parents toward their children. They enjoy their picnic and do not take care of their children and children might face problems.”

Fazel Habib, a resident of Bagrami district, Kabul province says, “One cause of facing children with problems is Parents' ignorance about picnic places. They don’t know about the depth of the streams, ponds, and swimming pools and their potential dangers. They let their children play anywhere they want.”

How do some people find solutions to this issue?

Sayed Hashmat, a resident of Kabul city says, “We do not go to a dangerous place for a picnic and when we go to a picnic, we do not let our children play alone; We accompany them and do not let them play in deep pools or ponds.”

Matiullah, a resident of Shiwaki village, Bagrami district of Kabul province says, “I am the father of two children. When we want to go to a picnic, we chose a safe place for this purpose and I always pay attention to my children at the picnic.”