Year: 28 Week: 27

Episode: 4267

Scene: 21269

Gulalai asks her husband, Sarwar Khan that why Adam Khan comes so often to their home.

Sarwar Khan pretends that Adam Khan talks to him about his land crops.

Scene: 21270

Ghotai seems upset. Shazia asks about the cause.

Ghotai replies that due to using the wrong spray for lettuce and cabbage crops, Lalbaz faced loss.

Scene: 21271

Shikeba calls to Nargis and asks her if Gul Khan has told her anything new about her and Allahdad’s relation.

Nargis pretends that she knows nothing about this issue.

Scene: 21272

Lalbaz is angry and says to Adam Khan that his son, Jamal Khan had given him the wrong spray that spoiled his crops. Lalbaz adds that Adam Khan or Jamal Khan has to pay compensation.

Adam Khan denies and says that Jamal Khan is not to blame for this issue.

Episode: 4268

Scene: 21273

Adam Khan wants Sarwar Khan to pay him a lot to invalidate Ahmad’s petition in the district office.

Sarwar Khan says that he has not more money and adds that he would think about this issue.

Scene: 21274

Lalbaz takes a bull to his house. Ghotai asks about it.

Lalbaz replies that he got compensation from Jamal Khan.

Scene: 21275

Gul Khan says to Nargis that he has to inform Fatih Khan that he knows about everything that Fatih Khan does.

Nargis prevents him and says that it might cause problems between Fatih Khan and him.

Scene: 21276

Jamal informs  Adam Khan that from the theft of their bull.

Adam Khan wants him to find the bull.

Episode: 4269

Scene: 21277

Jamal Khan says to Majid that he has lost his bull.

Majid promises to help in finding it.

Scene: 21278

Gul Khan stops Rahimdad on the way. Rahimdad asks about the cause.

Gul Khan says that due to the critical risk, Allahdad has to leave the village for some days.

Scene: 21279

Dilbaro goes to Janbaz house and asks Ghotai that who has taken their bull in Janbaz’s yard.

Ghotai replies that Lalbaz has taken it.

 Scene: 21280

Sarwar Khan says to Gulalai that Adam Khan has found a person that would invalidate Ahmad’s petition at the district office.

Gulalai says that Adam Khan might enlarge the problem and wants him not to involve Adam Khan in this issue.

Sarwar Khan doesn’t accept and says that he would proceed with this issue.