Written by: Nasratullah   Samim

Once upon a time, a few cranes were living in a big jungle with other birds. Among them, white-beak and black-wings cranes were friends and they were always playing and flying together.

One day the white-beak crane was sitting sadly alone on a big stone.

 A stroke was crossing the area and saw the white-beak crane and he landed down beside him.

She found the white-beak crane sad and asked about the cause of his sadness.

The white-beak craned replied that his best friend, the black-wings crane is angry with him but he could not do anything to reconcile him.

The stroke flew and wanted the white-beak crane to chase him. The white-beak crane asked about his destination but the stroke wanted him to chase him.

After a few minutes, they reached the black-wings crane’s house.

After greeting, the stroke wanted the black-wings crane to reconcile with the white-beak crane but the black wings crane left his home without saying anything.

The stroke and white-beak crane thought that the black-wings crane might bring some food for them but the black wing did come back.

The stroke and white-beak crane became very sad.

The stroke told the white-beak crane that they will share the issue with other cranes if they could help in this issue but the white-beak crane denied and said that the black-wings crane will not accept any mediation.

Meanwhile, the stroke told to the white beak crane that fish are rare in this area and if white-beak crane can find a fish and gifts it to the black-wings crane, this might solve the issue.

The white-crane flew and after a few hours of searching, he came with a big fish. The stroke and white-beak crane went for the second time to the black-wings crane’s house and presented the fish to him.

Black-wings crane became happy and forgave white-beak crane’s mistake and they became friends again. The black-wings and white beak cranes thanked the stork for his mediation.