year: 28 Week: 26

Episode: 4264

Scene: 21257

Lalbaz says to Ghotai that spraying cabbage and lettuce plants did not affect.

 Ghotai suggests consulting with an experienced man in this field. 

Scene: 21258

Adam Khan is counting a bundle of money.

His wife, Dilbaro asks him that where did he get it. Adam Khan replies that it is none of her business.

Scene: 21259

Lalbaz shares the issue of his cabbage and lettuce crops with Samargul and asks him if he knows anyone who knows about agricultural pests.

Samargul replies that Ahmad has studied in this field.

Scene: 21260

Gul Khan takes Fatih Khan’s mobile phone. His mother, Shukria asks if Gul Khan doesn’t have a mobile phone.

Gul Khan replies that his mobile phone has run out of credit and he wants Shukria not to tell anything about this issue to Fatih Khan.

Episode: 4265

Scene: 21261

Lalbaz says to Ahmad that he sprayed his lettuce and cabbage field with the spray that Jamal Khan had given him.

Ahmad asks the name of that spray. Lalbaz replies that he has kept the bottle of mentioned spray at home.

Scene: 21262

Zarmena asks her daughter, Palwasha about the controversy between Ahmad and Sarwar Khan.

Palwasha replies that Ahmad has filed a lawsuit against Sarwar Khan in the district office.

Scene: 21263

Ahmad sees the spray that Lalbaz has used for his lettuce and cabbage field and says that he has used the wrong insecticide on his crops.

Lalbaz says that Jamal Khan has given the insecticide out of enmity.

Scene: 21264

Gul Khan says to his wife, Nargis that he called from Fatih Khan’s mobile phone to the suspicious person and his guess came out true.

Nargis says that she had never thought that Fatah Khan would be involved in that incident and injuring Allahdad.

Episode: 4266

Scene: 21265

Lalbaz says to Jamal Khan’s mother, Dilbaro that Jamal Khan destroyed his field of lettuce and cabbage by giving him the wrong insecticide. Delbero denies and says that Jamal Khan did not give him the wrong spray purposely.

Scene: 21266

Palwasha asks her husband, Ahmad that why he is sad these days.

Ahmad replies that Adam Khan is coming more to their guesthouse and now he is afraid that Adam Khan might create some problems for them.

Scene: 21267

Lalbaz seems angry and says to Jamal Khan that he intendedly had given the wrong spray for his crops.

Jamal Khan says that he had used the same spray on his wheat field and got a good result.

 Scene: 21268

Allahdad asks Gul Khan that why he had come to their home last time.

Gul Khan replies that he has important work to do now and he will talk to him some other time.