Checking others’ Cell phones without Permission

 Written by: Awesta Fazli

Many people are using cell phones. Some of them keep important documents and pictures on their cell phones but sometimes some friends and family members take the cellphones without the permission of their owners and check anything.  Sometimes they delete or send some pictures to others which might cause problems.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some people about this issue.

Shagofa Popalzai, a resident of Ghazni province says, “I had worked for 6 months for an NGO as a member of the survey group. Our director assigned me to prepare a questionnaire. I did and presented it to my director. He promised that whenever he checks it, he would inform her through a message. The time of the project ended but I did not receive the message. sometime later, I got aware that my sister had taken my cellphone and deleted all messages including the mentioned message and this issue caused me a big problem.”

Samia, a resident of Logar province says, “Once I had a copy of Huawei cellphone and had kept my all documents and pictures on it. One day one of my friends wanted to send some pictures from my phone to her phone. When she gave me the phone back, I saw that she had formatted my phone and I could not recover my phone and I was not able to use that phone anymore because my mobile phone was not orginal.”

What do some people think about the causes of checking others’ cellphones?

Samia says, “Many such cases originate from private unmighty and from misuse of someone’s trust.”

Shagofa Poplazai says, “Some people do not understand that Intrusion into someone's privacy is a guilt and they do not know that how important the documents in the cellphones are to the owners of the phones and they do care about them.”

How do some people solve this issue?

Shagofa Popalzai says, “I talked to my sister not to check other’s mobile phone without the permission of its owner and she promised me that she will never take other’s mobile phone and if she takes, she would not delete anything from other’s cellphone and on the other hand, I put a password on my cellphone as well as to my other files and applications.”

Zarghona, a resident of Kabul city talks about the solution to this issue, “I try not to give my mobile phone to anyone. If someone needs to call from my cellphone, I wish her just to make a call not use other applications.”