False Promises to Children

Written by: Samira Haleemzai

Most parents try to fulfill all the needs of their children but sometimes some parents could handle their children’s all wishes and they have to make false promises to them and sometimes this issue causes problems.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some people about the causes, subsequences, and solutions of this issue.

 Kashmir Khan, a resident of Laghman province says, “When was a child, one day my father was going to the bazaar and he promised to bring a toy car but when came back home, he did not bring the toy car and got very sad that why my father told me to lie and I lost my trust in my father.”

A girl, a resident of Parwan province says, “I am an eighth-grade student. One I came first in the class. When my father studied my result sheet, he promised to bring me a new dress as a gift but he did fulfill his promise and thus he broke my heart.”

A psychologist, Abdul Jalil Amarkhel says about the consequences of false promises to children, “Breaking promises to children cause the children not to trust us; we disappoint them; we make them feel unimportant and disrespect us

We make them disrespect us and we create promise breakers in our children and when they get younger, they might face depression.”

What do some people think about the causes of false promises to children?

Ali Azhar, a resident of Kandahar province says, “Some parents make false promises to their children to make them calm but they do not know about the bad consequences of their false promises.”

Mahsa, a resident of Kabul city says, “Some parents are not aware of the bad consequences of false promises to their children and they promise them some things that they could not fulfill them.”

How do some parents find a solution to this issue?

Sayed Rasul, a resident of Parwan province says, “I never make false promises to my children. When I promise them, then I would fulfill it. For example, I always promise them that I would take them to park on some Fridays and I do that.”

Farahnaz Mirzad, a resident of Parwan province says, “I am the mother of three children, and my children like to go to their aunt’s home and play with their cousins. One I promised to take them to my sister’s house next Friday but on that day, we had some guests I could not fulfill my promise and they lost trust in me. I decided not to promise to my children that I could not fulfill it.”

Psychologist, Amarkhel talks about the benefits of not making false promises to children, “Avoiding false promises to children, increase the self-confidence of children; they think they are the important part of their families; they would find the ability to believe in others’ promises and they would prevent others from making false promises.”