Administrative Enforcement Law

Written by: Mir Aqa Etibar

In Afghanistan, besides the constitution, there are some other laws and regulations too. One of them is the law of administrative enforcement. If a person does not know about the law of administrative enforcement, he/she might face some problems. AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some people about this law.

Muhammad Khalid says, “This is my third year of retirement. According to the pension law, I should get 100% implementation of pension but the retirement office doesn’t want to pay my pension according to the law and this issue is not solved yet.”

What do some people think about the administrative enforcement law?

Muhammdullah, a resident of Ghazni province says, “Unfortunately I don’t have any information about administrative enforcement law.”

Roin, a resident of Parwan province says, “All administrative problems of Afghan citizens should be solved under the law of administrative enforcement.”

What do some think about the benefits of understanding administrative enforcement law?

A man who doesn’t want to mention his name in the program, says, “Once the ministry of Finance fined me about 500 thousand Afghanis but I was not indebted to the government. As I had already studied the administrative enforcement law, I shared the issue with a high-rank person of that office, they reviewed my all files and I convinced them that I was right, and they accepted.”

Naqeebullah, a resident of Takhar province says, “I had signed a contract with a government office but they were not paying me and they delayed it for more than 3 months. I studied the administrative enforcement law and I shared the issue with the director of that office and he solved it.”