Nice Hair

Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Once upon a time, a nice princess was living in a country. She had very nice hair and people that no one had such hair in the castle.

The princess had many servants too. One day early in the morning the princess was very happy and told to her servants that she is very happy due to her brother's wedding ceremony on that day.

The servants thanked her for preparing them nice dresses for the wedding. The princess wanted a servant to bring his dress to her living room. The servant did it.

The princess put on her new dress and when she was to style her hair, she saw that gum was stuck in her hair. She tried to remove it but she could not. Suddenly she cried and wanted a servant to help her. The servant tried but she did not succeed to remove it.

Some other servants also came but they did not know how to remove the gum from her hair.

One of the servants suggested cutting the hair that gum is stuck to it. The princess did it. When she saw her hair in the mirror, she became very sad and said that she might not participate in her brother’s wedding ceremony due to her haircut.

She became very angry and asked her mother that who had stuck gum on her pillow.

Her mother replied that the small princess is always chewing gum. She called her small sister. The small princess did not reply. The princess went to her room and found her crying. She asked about the cause and asked her why she stuck gum on her pillow which caused her to cut her nice hair.

The small princess replied that the gum is not stuck only in her hair but is stuck on her new dress too. She added that the princess could hide her hair in a shawl but the small princess could not prepare a new dress for herself because the wedding ceremony is started now.