Do not let others to talk

Written by: Awista Fazli

Some people talk too much and they do not let others talk. This issue sometimes causes some problems.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to some people about the causes; problems and solutions of this issue.

Marghalara, a resident of Nangarhar province talks, “This issue exists in our home as well as in our community. I am a university student. One day I asked a question from the professor in the classroom but my other classmate cut my talking and she asked the professor about something else and later a quarrel took place between me and my classmate.”

Lailuma, a resident of Kabul city says, “I am a housewife and this is the 12th year of my wedding. I and my husband had the same behavior. When I was talking, my husband did not listen to me and when he was talking, I was interfering with him and did not listen to him.

If we had guests and I was talking to them, my husband was cutting my talking and he was sharing another issue and this issue was causing us to quarrel with each other. Sometimes my father’s family was involving in this issue. My children have learned the same habit from us.”

A psychologist, professor Sharafuddin  Azimi talks, “Interrupting others talking is a social problem but is has a private origin. Such people do not have self-confidence; they feel themselves unsafe and they are suffering from a psychological illness and they take pleasure from interrupting others talking.”

What do some people think about the causes of this issue?

Marghalara says, “These people think that they know more than others; they do not have the patience to completely listen to others talking and they enjoy interrupting when others are talking.”

Najeebullah Amini, a resident of Nangarhar province says, “Those who talk too much and do not let others talk, are ignorant people and they do not care about the talking of others.”

How some people find solutions to this issue?

Haq, a resident of Kandahar province says, “I did not let others talk and I was always interrupting when others were talking. Once my close friend got angry with me for interrupting his talking and he was not talking to me for a long time. I studied some books and improved my bad habit.”

Lailuma says, “When my father and brothers got aware of this issue between me and my husband, they talked to us and shared their experiences of interrupting others talking and its bad consequences. Now if I see someone else that does not let others talk, I talk to her/him and share my experiences with him/her.”