Stealing Fruit

 Written by: Meena Nazari

Anwar and Farid were two brothers living in a green village far from the city. One day they went out from home but they did not know what to do.

Farid wanted Anwar to chase him. They reached a fruit garden. One part of the garden’s wall was ruined and Farid saw that every kind of fruits are in the garden and he wanted Farid to go with him to the garden and pick up some plumbs but Farid said that this garden belongs to Jabar and Jabar is a violent person and he added that if Jabar sees them in his garden, he will badly punish them.

Farid said that Jabar is not in the garden and they jumped from the wall into the garden. while they were picking plumbs, a dog started barking. Anwar was scared but Farid assured him that the dog is chained to a tree.

They were picking up plumbs that suddenly the dog broke the chain and chased them. Farid and Anwar found no time to go back from the wall, they ran toward a small room in the garden. the dog reached them and it tore the skirt of Anwar’s shirt.  Anwar became very sad and said to Farid that his father had bought the clothes for Eid. Anwar saw that Farid’s hand was wounded and blood was coming from it.

They were very afraid and meanwhile, they heard the voice of Jabar who came and fasten the chain of the dog to a tree and then he came toward the room and he opened the door, he found Anwar and Farid inside the room.

He became very angry and told them that he would tell their father and other villagers about their stealing. Farid and Anwar were bigging him not tell to anyone because if he told the villagers, their classmate will also get aware of their stealing and they will not be able to go to school anymore. Farid and Anwar promised that they will never steal anymore.

Jabar Forgave them and gave them some plumbs and wanted them to eat the plumbs after washing with clean water and told them about the bad consequences of stealing.