Year: 28 Week: 18

Episode: 4240

Scene: 21161

Palwasha tells her mother, Zarmena that a clash took place between Ahmad and Sarwar Khan.

Zarmena wants her not to interfere, lest she might be defamed.

Scene: 21162

Allahdad slapped Shams on his face and Shams cries. Allahdad wants him to leave the hillside because he wants to play the flute. Shams says that he wants to graze his sheep here on the hillside.

Scene: 21163

Shahperai tells her husband, Karim about the quarrel between Ahmad and Sarwar Khan.

Karim blames Ahmad for the disobedience of his big brother, Sarwar Khan.

Scene: 21164

Nargis calls Mahjabeen and asks about Nazir if he is released from jail. Mahjabeen replies no and adds that Gulalai would share the issue with the doctor if he could help Nazir.

Episode: 4241

Scene: 21165

Gulalai says to the doctor that Nazir is innocent and wants him if could help him.

The doctor promises that he would try to release him on bail.

Scene: 21166

Shams complains to his father, Lalbaz that Allahdad slapped him.

Lalbaz says that he would talk to Rahimdad about this issue.

Scene: 21167

Zarmena says to Rabiagul that Palwasha passes hard days due to Sarwar Khan's bad behavior.

Rabiagul tells that since Palwasha came to our house, the life of Gulalai and Sarwar Khan has turned bad.

Scene: 21168

Lalbaz goes to Rahimdad’s house and wants him to advise Allahdad because he has slapped his son.

Rahimdad says that he apologizes instead of Allahdad.

Episode: 4242

Scene: 21169

The doctor releases Nazir from jail on bail. Nazir thanks him and asks him that who caused him to be imprisoned. The doctor replies that it would be better not to ask about the person.

Scene: 21170

Rahimdad tells Mullah that Allahdad gets angry soon.

Mullah promises that he would talk to Allahdad about this issue.

Scene: 21171

Nazir goes home and says to Mahjabeen that he had remembered his son, Abdul Qadir.

Mahjabeen says that she was also remembering him.

Scene: 21172

Palwasha is crying. Gulalai asks about the cause.

Palwasha replies that Rabiagul blames her for all the controversy between Sarwar and Ahmed.