Long-Ears Rabbit

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there were two rabbits, Long-Ears and Piebald living with other animals in a green jungle far from the village.

One night the Long-Ears was thirsty and he awoke the Piebald and took him to drink water from a stream near the jungle.

After drinking water, ThePiebald wanted Long-Ears to go back home but the Long-Ears said that they should play for a while before going home. Piebald asked about the playing. Long-Ear said that he knows the kind of playing and wanted Piebald to go behind him and prevented him from talking for a while.

The Long-Ears saw that a white rabbit was sitting on a stone beside the stream. Long-Ears went near to him and suddenly he made the voice of the lion. The white rabbit cried and fell in the water and got an injury.

Long-Ears and Piebald were afraid and they brought out the white rabbit from the stream but the white was not talking nor opening his eyes. They thought that White might have died.

The Piebald said to the Long-Ears that as he caused the death of the white, he will be responsible to his family.

Long-Ears cried and said that if the white is dead, the white rabbit’s father might kill him too.

Long-Ears and Piebald decided to escape from the jungle. A crow was watching the scene and heard what they said. The crow prevented him from escaping and wanted him to treat the white rabbit first.

Long-Ears and Piebald took the white rabbit to the doctor of the rabbits who was an old rabbit.

The doctor visited the white rabbit and asked the Long-Ears and Piebald about the cause of this issue.

Long-Ears replied that he wounded the white rabbit. The doctor said that if the Long-Ears compensates, and pays her fee, she would treat him.

Long-Ears said that she has earned 13 carrots at home. The doctor wanted him to bring all carrots. Long-Ears became very sad and said that he could not collect more carrots. The doctor said that if he could not bring the mentioned carrots, she would not help the injured rabbit.

The Long-Ears brought all carrots and the doctor treated the white rabbit. The Long-Ears thanked the doctor and apologized to the white rabbit and promised that he would never frighten anyone afterward.