White Pigeon

Written by: Mina Nazari

Once upon a time, a green pigeon was living with his parents on a hillside in a big tree.

One day, a sparrowhawk hunted the green pigeon’s father and the green pigeon became very sad.

A few days later, a white pigeon, the green pigeon’s friend, came to visit the green pigeon but the green pigeon was not at home.

The white pigeon asks about the green pigeon from his mother. The mother replied that the white pigeon does not eat anything after the death of his father and nor comes home and he became very weak.

The green pigeon’s mother added that the green pigeon is always sitting alone in a cave near their home and cries. when the green pigeon’s mother and white pigeon went near the cave, they did not find the green pigeon.

The mother of the green pigeon wanted the white pigeon to search for him on the mountainside and she will search for him on the trees.

The white pigeon found the green pigeon crying in a desert.

The white pigeon wanted him to be quiet but the white pigeon did not accept. The white pigeon told him that if he wants to live alone and not walks and talks to others, he might get sick and faces problems and he, the white pigeon would not continue his friendship with him.

The green pigeon accepted and the white pigeon took him to picnic that a piebald pigeon had arranged for the white pigeon. The piebald pigeon had prepared verities of foods and fruits but the green pigeon was still sad. White and piebald pigeons were singing songs for him and offering him good foods but the green pigeon was not happy.

The piebald pigeon got angry at the white pigeon and told him that if she is not happy with them, then why he disarranged their party.

The white pigeon cried and left the party. The White pigeon blamed the piebald pigeon and went to find the green pigeon but he could not find him. Suddenly, he remembered a dangerous place and went to find him there.

The white pigeon found the green pigeon in front of a cave and was calling to the fox to come and eat him.

The white pigeon wanted him to go with him but the green pigeon did not accept. Meanwhile, a fox came and attacked the green pigeon but the white pigeon flew and rescued the white pigeon from the fox’s mouth.

The green pigeon thanked the white pigeon for rescuing him.

They went back to their homes. The white pigeon was talking to his friends and they were playing together. After a few days, the green pigeon became well again and he started playing with other pigeons as usual.