Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Three fish, golden, gray, and piebald were living together in a river. One day the grayfish went sightseeing and sat on the top of a big stone. He was watching other fish were playing in the water. A few minutes later, the golden fish also arrived and sat beside the gray fish.

Golden fish heard that a fry (baby fish) was telling her mother, yellow fish that she is suffering from the pain of her tail and wanted her to help her with this issue.

The golden fish became sad. The gray fish asked the cause of his sadness. The golden fish replied that it’s a secret and he doesn’t want to tell to anyone. The gray fish insisted to tell him the secret and he will not tell to anyone.

The golden fish said that he caused the hurt of the fry’s tail. When the gray heard these words, he left the golden fish and said that he has important work to do. The golden fish wanted him to listen to the whole story but the gray fish went away in the water.

The gray fish visited the piebald fish and said to him that the golden fish has injured the tail of the yellow fish’s baby. The piebald fish said that he revealed the golden fish’s secret and he thought that the gray fish might tell this secret to others but the gray fish said that he would not tell to anyone.  Meanwhile, the gray fish saw yellow fish in the water and immediately went toward her and told her the whole story.

The piebald fish said that the golden fish is very kind and he always helps others but the yellow fish did not accept and went to toward the golden fish and asked him that why he injured his fry. The golden fish replied that he did not do anything to her baby but the yellow fish did not accept and beat the golden fish. Piebald and other fish mediated among them and wanted the yellow fish to listen to what the golden fish says.

The golden fish said that he was sitting with the gray and piebald fish and was watching other fish in the water. The golden fish added that he saw that some fries were playing under a big stone and wanted all fish to come out under the big stone because the stone was loosened and he was afraid that it might fall on the fries.

All fries came out under the stone without the fry of the yellow fish and he said that he wanted to continue his playing. Meanwhile, the big stone slipped. The Golden fish immediately ran toward the fry but he could not help him and the stone injured the golden fish’s head and the fry’s tail.

The golden fish said that he wanted to tell the whole story to the yellow fish but the gray delivered false news and caused a quarrel between the golden and yellow fish.

Yellow fish thanked the golden fish for helping her fry. All fish cut relation with the gray fish and the gray fish left alone.