Kind Duck

  Written by: Abdullah Fazli

A roaster, cat, and a duck were living together in a house. The cat was always bothering the duck.

 One day the cat was very sad. The roaster asked the cause of his sadness. The cat replied that she has lost her kitten and she is afraid that if the neighbor’s dog has captured it. The roaster went to the neighbor’s house but the kitten was not there.

The cat was crying and thought that her kitten will not be found anymore.

The cat asked him that how she lost his kitten. The cat replied that an hour ago, I entered into the kitchen and I wanted my kitten to wait outside for but when I came back, he was missing. Meanwhile, they heard the crying of the kitten from a garden that wanted help. The cat reached toward the garden and found her kitten in the swimming pool. The cat did not know swimming and was not able to bring out her kitten from the pool. She found a big stick and dropped into the pool and she held one side of the stick and wanted her kitten to hold the other side but the kitten was unconscious and had no movement. The cat was crying and saying to herself that she lost her son. Meanwhile, the roaster and duck also arrived.

The roaster was not able to help him because he did not know swimming. They heard the bark of a dog outside of the garden. the cat thought that the dog will come and bite her. The duck said that she knows what to do.

The cat thought the duck might take her revenge on the cat but the duck entered into the water and pulled the kitten with her beak to the corner of the pool.

The cat brought her out of the water but he was not breathing and the cat thought that her kitten is dead.

The duck held the kitten’s head up; the water came from his mouth and suddenly the kitten opened his eyes.

The cat became very happy and thanked the duck and promised that she would never be at enmity with anyone afterward.