Written by: Mir Aqa Etibar

It’s the job of each Muslim to keep the secret of others but some people reveal the secrets and it might cause some problems to the talebearer and the affected person.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked about this issue to some people.

Sediqa, a resident of Herat province says, “A quarrel took place between two families of our relatives and they do not talk to each other for a long time. Later they knew that the fight was caused by a person who had transferred a gossip from one family to the other one.”

Mudasir, a resident of Qarabgh district, Kabul province says, “Once I was playing with my friends. A boy came and said to one of my friends that someone had backbitten him. My friend left the ground and a fight took place among them. 5 boys were injured in the fight and we took them to the clinic and the issue transferred to the police station.”

What do some people think about the causes of telltale?

Shakila, a resident of Herat province says, “Some idle persons transfer the secret of one person to another.”

Wazhma, a resident of Kabul city says, “Some people do not know about civilization and they enjoy revealing secrets of others.”

A psychologist Professor Zainullah Salihi says, “There are three causes of telltale, the first one is the family culture that children learn from their parents. The second cause is feeling himself/herself low then others and the last cause is having hatred with others and they want to take revenge on them.”

How do some people solve this problem?

Shakila says, “I know that idleness causes telltale and backbiting, so I always try to make myself busy at home chores. When I wake up early in the morning, I do my prayers; prepare breakfast for my children and then I go to my job at 8 am and after coming back from my job at 4 pm, I do my home chores. If someone conveys the words of others, I want her to keep the words with herself and not waste my time.”

Kubra Ahmadi, another resident of Herat province says, “Once one of my friends came and told me that my uncle has used bad words about me. I shared the issue with my brother. My brother investigated and discovered that my uncle had not said anything about me. When my friend came for the second time, I told her that why she is telling lie. She got ashamed and never came again.”