Sick Princess

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy, Naseer living in a big city. He was a peasant and liked to study books too.

One day, the Prince invited all boys of the city to the castle. The boys thought that there might be a match but they did not know the real cause of their invitation.

The prince came and all boys stood up. The prince seemed sad. A boy asked the cause of his sadness. The prince replied that his sister is very sick and the doctor of the castle has gone with the king  somewhere else.

Meanwhile, the boys saw that Naseer entered the castle and he was wearing old shoes and an old red jumper. All the boys were mocking Naseer and they thought that he had missed his way.

The prince asked Naseer about his coming to the castle. Naseer replied that he wants to participate in the gathering.

All the boys were laughing and saying that Naseer thinks himself a professor.

The prince said that if anyone can find the medicines for his sister, he would reward him with a good prize. Naseer said that he might be able to find medicines for the princess. All the boys blamed him and said that he has not studied school nor have good clothes than how he can treat the princess.

The prince wanted all of them, including Naseer to go and find medicines for the princess.

A boy, Rahim said to his friend, Shafiq that it might be possible for Naseer to win the prize but Rahim said that it's impossible for Naseer to treat the princess.

Naseer went to the mountainside; Shafiq and Rahim went back to the castle.

It was late in the afternoon and all the boys were in the castle again. The prince said that his sister’s fever is reduced with Naseer’s medicines but he added that he would ask Naseer first that how did find the right medicines for the princess.

Naseer brought out a book from the pocket of his old jumper and said to the prince that he has read this book with his grandfather. When the prince read the book, it was written about the treatment of different diseases.

The prince became happy and gifted Naseer 5 gold coins, a pair of shoes, and a jumper. All the participants clapped for Naseer. Shafiq said to Rahim said that they thought that  they have deserved the prize but they did not that Naseer was really a professor.

The prince said that It is true that knowledge is not related to new clothes, but it is related to merit and effort.