‌Black Mouse

Written by: Mina Nazari

There was a rat living in a house with her two kittens, Black and White.

One day, Black and White went out of their house and after playing, they got hungry and went back home but found nothing for eating and became disappointed. White wanted Black to go with him outside the house for finding food, meanwhile, the Black called him that she found something for eating in the basement.

The Black showed a gas sylinder to the White and they both tried to eat something from it. When they bit sylinder, it was too hard to eat it. They went near the cover of the gas sylinder and started their work on it. Suddenly they heard the voice of the leakage of the gas and they both lost their consciousness. The Black laid away from the gas sylinder but the White was near to it.

The Black moved with difficulty toward home. When her mother saw her, she splashed some water on her face and asked her the cause of her sickness.

The black told her the whole story. Her mother went toward the kitchen and she found the White in bad health condition. She splashed some water on the Black’s face and Black got better.

Their mother wanted them not to touch and eat unknown objects and added that they have opened the cover of the gas sylinder. She said that playing with gas sylinders might take their lives. Black and White promised that would never play with any unknown objects anymore.