Written by: Nasratullah Samim

White and piebald rabbits were living in a jungle with their mother. One autumn day, the white rabbit was very sad and she was setting aside. Piebald rabbit asks about her sadness. The white replied that she is very hungry and has nothing for eating.

The piebald brought her some carrots from his house and the white rabbit happily ate them. Meanwhile, their mother came and said that she has found carrots storage and wanted her children to go with her and store some carrots for the winter. The piebald rabbit accepted but the white was standing calm.

Her mother blamed her for not going with added that last year, the white did not store carrots and if this year, the white doesn’t store carrots, no one will help her. When they reached the storage, they saw a big cave full of carrots. The mother and piebald rabbit entered the cave but when the white wanted to enter, she heard a voice was telling her that she could not do it. The white rabbit went empty hands to home.

After three months, the winter arrived. Piebald and her mother were very happy and said to white that they have stored a lot of carrots. The mother said that no one will help the white rabbit due to her laziness.

The white rabbit took her mother and piebald rabbit to her home. They saw that white had stored more carrots. They asked her how she had collected the carrots.

The white rabbit replied that she saw a mirror in the gate of the cave that was preventing her from entering the cave and was telling her that she could not do it.

White continued her story and said that one evening, she went toward the cave and saw no mirror in the gate of the cave due to the darkness. After that day, the white rabbit was going to that cave in the evening and collected more carrots. White rabbit realized that courage is the key to success.