Year: 28 Week: 08

Episode: 4210

Scene: 21041

Janbaz goes to Adam Khan’s house and wants to protect him at his house because he has shot Purdil.

Adam Khan denies and says that he might be arrested from his house and wants him to hide at another safe place.

Scene: 21042

Shukria and Shazia go to Akbar’s house to visit Zarmena.

Zarmena says that after the incident, she is getting scared in sleep.

Shazia suggests that she should be cautious when using the gas balloon.

Shukria says that she is happy that the incident caused no death.

Scene: 21043

Ghafar says to Smandar that Mullah condemned the disturbance of people by others.

Samandar says that Mullah’s advice affected all the crowd.

Scene: 21044

It's evening and Karim has not come home yet. Shaperai asks Naseem about Karim.

Naseem replies that as Purdil is injured, Karim took him to the clinic.

Episode: 4211

Scene: 21045

Janbaz wants Lalbaz to prepare him some essential items and his clothes.

Lalbaz blames him for shooting Purdil.

Scene: 21046

Shukria says to  Shekiba to want Gulkhan to chick the gas balloon, its pipe, and stove with a professional person.

Shekiba appraises her thought.

Scene: 21047

Nazir gives his new job sweet to Rahimdad. Rahimdad says that Nazir succeeded with the help of someone else.

Scene: 21048

Shams comes home and says to his grandfather, Janbaz that the police car is stopped in front of their house.

Janbaz says that he would hide in the stable. Meanwhile, police enter his house and arrest Janbaz.

Episode: 4212

Scene: 21049

Shams asks Lalbaz that how long would Janbaz be in the custody of the police.

Lalbaz replies that he would find a solution to this issue.

Scene: 21050

Shekiba visit Dilbaro and asks her that where is she going. Dilbaro says that she wants to visit Zarmena.

Scene: 21051

Karim is clearing the snow from the lane. Rahimdad asks the reason. Karim replies that he had removed it from his roofs.

Scene: 21052

Lalbaz wants Adam Khan that if he could release Janbaz from the custody of the police and he would pay him an amount of money.

Adam Khan says that Janbaz releasing is beyond his competence.