Lost Bananas

Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Once upon a time, there was big jungle. A black, red and a yellow monkey were living in that jungle with other animals.

It was winter and nothing was found for eating in the jungle. One day the black monkey was very angry and was talking with himself that if he found the yellow monkey, he would punish him.

The red monkey came and that the black monkey is angry and he asked about the cause of his anger. The black monkey replied that he had kept some bananas at his home but the yellow monkey had stolen them and said that if he finds him, he would expel him from the jungle.

Meanwhile, they saw that the yellow monkey was coming toward them. The black monkey wanted to go near and beat him but the red monkey prevented and wanted him to wait for his arrival. When the yellow monkey arrived and greeted the red and black monkey, the yellow monkey did not reply to his greeting and asked him that why he has stolen bananas from his home.

The yellow replied that he doesn’t know anything about the banana but the black did accept and said that he has an eyewitness that the yellow monkey has stolen the bananas. The black monkey wanted to beat the yellow monkey but the red monkey prevented him.

Meanwhile, a honey bee came and said that the yellow monkey has stolen her honey too. The black monkey wanted to expel the yellow monkey from the jungle and said that the yellow had learned the stealing skills from his lamb friend who was captured for stealing several times.

The yellow monkey did not accept and said that a small yellow monkey who lives in the neighboring jungle, might have stolen the bananas and honey. The yellow monkey took them to that jungle. When they reached, they found the small yellow monkey in a very bad condition.

The black monkey asked about his sickness. The small yellow monkey replied that many animals beat him for stealing and he added that he has stolen the honey and bananas too. The yellow money took him to his home and taught him that stealing is not a good habit and the small yellow monkey promised that he would never steal anymore.