Year: 28 Week: 07

Adam Khan says to Janbaz that Purdil made Janbaz ashamed. Janbaz gets angry and says that he would take his revenge on Purdil.

Scene: 21030

Hamida is cooking. Her husband, qambargul asks about it. Hamida says that she is cooking chicken Yakhni (a special porridge for patients) for her mother-in-law, Zarmena.

Scene: 21031

Nazir says to Gulalai that Rahimdad says to him that he(Nazir) failed in the interview but Rahimdad succeeded. Gulalai says that the result would be announced the next day.

Scene: 21032

Jamal Khan asks Janbaz that where he is going. Janbaz replies that he has urgent work in Chinar village and wants Jamal Khan not to waste his time.

Episode: 4208

Scene: 21033

 Shaperai blames her husband, Karim for throwing snow in the lane that causes problems for the neighbors.

Karim says that he is not able to remove the snow outside the lane.

Scene: 21034

Ghotai shows a pistol to Lalbaz and says that she found it under Janbaz’s pillow. Lalbaz promises that he would ask Janbaz about it.

Scene: 21035

Samargul says to his sister, Fatima that he needs some money for his mother, Zarmena’s medicines. Fatima says that she has some money but she could not pay him without Jandad’s permission.

Scene: 21036

Janbaz looks angry and says to Lalbaz that Ghotai has taken his pistol. Lalbaz says that his pistol is with him.

Episode: 4209

Scene: 21037

Janbaz holds the pistol to Purdil’s head and wants him to pay his money back but Pudil says that Janbaz has spent the money for his engagement. Janbaz shot him.

Scene: 21038

Zarmena says to the doctor that she is bored in the clinic. The doctor says that she could go home after dressing her wounds.

Scene: 21039

Nazir gives a piece of soap to Mahjabeen and wants her to wash his clothes. Mahjabeen asks that he wants to wash her clothes. Nazir replies that he succeeded in the interview and wants Mahjabeen to inform her relatives to come to the clinic and would let them inside the clinic without observing their turn.

Scene: 21040

Lalbaz says to Ghotai that Janbaz has shot Purdil. Ghotai worries that they will face a big problem.