Year: 28 Week 06

Episode: 4204

Scene: 21017

It is early in the morning. Nazir has wrapped himself in a blanket and Samandar visits and asks him that why has wrapped himself in a blanket.

Nazir replies that he has an interview in the clinic and Gulalai wanted him to wear clean clothes but as did not have clean clothes, he has hidden his dirty clothes in the blanket.

Scene: 21018

Majeed goes to Akbar’s house and asks about the health of Abar’s family members.

Akbar replies that his daughter is discharged from the hospital but his wife is admitted into the hospital for treatment.

Scene: 21019

Rahimdad has wrapped himself in a blanket and goes to the clinic. Nazir wants him to introduce himself. Rahimdad says that he has come from Daman village for taking part in the interview.

Scene: 21020

Abida says to Mullah that throwing snow in the lanes causes problems to the residents of the village.

Mullah promises that he would talk to the villagers about this issue.

Episode: 4205

Scene: 21021

The doctor wants the interviewers to enter his office in their turn. Nazir wants to go first but Rahimdad tries to be the first. The doctor wants them to be quiet and obey the turn.

Scene: 21022

Majeed takes his carpentry instruments. Samandar asks him that where he wants to go.

Majeed says that he wants to repair Akbar’s house burnt door and windows.

Scene: 21023

Karim says to his wife, Atifa that Karim destroys my reputation.

Atifa wants him to advise Karim.

Scene: 21024

The doctor asks Nazir if the patients cause disorder in the clinic, what would be his reaction.

Nazir replies that he would understand them to wait for their turns.

Episode: 3206


Janbaz wants Purdil to give his money back. Purdil says that he has handed over the money to the widow but Janbaz blames him for telling lie. Purdil pushes him and hurts his head.

Scene: 21026

Shukria says to Shazia that she wants to go to Akbar’s house to visit Zarmeena. Shazia says that Zarmena is still in the hospital.

Scene: 21027

Rahimdad enters the doctor’s office for the interview and has a stick in his hand. The doctor asks him if the patients cause disorder in the clinic, what will he do.

Rahimdad replies that would hit them with the stick.

Scene: 21028
Lalbaz wants to take revenge on Janbaz from Purdil. Janbaz prevents him and says that he would give a good lesson to Purdil.