year: 28 Week: 04

Episode: 4198

Scene: 20990

The doctor of the clinic gives a vacancy announcement to Gualalai and wants her to post it on the clinic’s gate. Gulalai accepts.

Scene: 20991

Ghafar wants Abida to go with him to his house and visit Gulmakai. Abida about Gulmakai’s health.

Ghafar replies that Karim has removed his roof’s snow in the lane and Gulmakai has slept on it and hurt her leg.

Scene: 20992

Sayed Muhammad wants to leave the village forever. Adam Khan visits him at the bus stop and asks him why he leaves the village without saying goodbye to him. Sayed Muhammad accepts his mistake and replies that he could not find to visit him.

Scene: 20993

Zarmena burns on the gas balloon and says to Akbar the using gas for cooking and warming room is very comfortable. Akbar confirms and says that if he was enough rich, he would always use a gas balloon for cooking and warming the room.

Scene: 20994

Gulalai wants Nazir to get ready for an interview. Nazir asks about the interview. Gulalai replies that the clinic administration has announced a vacant post for a cleaner and they will take an interview from him.

Episode: 4199

Scene: 20995

 Abida wants Ghafar to take Gulmakai to the clinic for taking her leg’s an x-ray. Ghafar says that he has important work now and he would take her to the clinic some other time.

Scene: 20996

Adam Khan says to his wife, Dilbaro that Sayed Muhammad left the village out of shame of the villagers.

Dilbaro warns him that Adam Khan might face the same fate.

Scene: 20997

Fatima says to her husband, Jandad that she wants to go to her father’s house. Jandad prevents her and says that due to the cold weather, she would not be comfortable there at Akbar’s house but Fatima does not accept.

Scene: 20998

Nazir stops Rahimdad and asks him if he knows about the questions in a job interview. Rahimdad replies that he hears this name for the first time.

Scene: 20999

Ghafar wants Rabiagul to advise her sons not to remove their roofs snow in the lane. Rabiagul says that it would be better to teach his wife, Gulmakai how to walk.

Episode: 4200

Scene: 21000

Rahimdad asks Samiullah about the kind of questions ask in a job interview.

Samiullah mocks him and replies that they will ask that if he drinks water first or doogh.

Scene: 21001

Lalbaz says to his wife, Ghotai that his problem with Purdil is solved.

Ghotai becomes happy and wants him to try to have a good attitude with his father, Janbaz too.

Scene: 21002

Ghafar says to Allahdad that Gulmakai had slept on the snow accumulated by Karim in the lane. Allahdad blames those who remove their roofs snow in the lane.

Scene: 21003

Fatima goes to Akbar’s house for a night. Akbar wants Zarmena to let the gas balloon turn on the whole night to warm the room for Fatima. Zarmena accepts.

Scene: 21004

Nazir asks Samiullah about the questions that will be asked in the job interview. Samiullah replies that they will ask him if the water is drinking first of doogh.