Playing in Snow

 Written by: Meena Nazari

Ajmal and Idris were two friends living in a village far from the city. One snowy day, Idris took Ajmal to go with him for playing. Ajmal did not want to go due to the cold weather but Idris forced him to go with him to the village ground.

Ajmal had worn warm clothes but Idris had worn only his shirt. Idris wanted Ajmal to take off his jumper to play with him but Ajmal said that the weather is so cold that he could not play. Idris called him a weak boy. Idris made a big ball from the snow and wanted to enter inside the snowball but Idris prevented and said that it would be better to play with snow. Idris did not accept and he entered inside the big snowball and he disappeared in a few seconds. Ajmal called him but heard no reply.

Idris saw the king of the snow inside the snowball and the king took him into the city of snow. Idris appraised the city of snow. He played with a variety of snow dolls; snowballs and snowmen. The king of the snow asked Idris that if he likes snow so much then why he is shivering. Idris replied that his hands are frozen but the king said to him that he would take him to a colder place. After going a few steps ahead, Ahmad’s feet also became cold and he was not able to go ahead.

Idris wanted to escape but the king of snow was not let him go and Idris was shouting for help.

The king asked him that if Idris likes snow, then why wants to leave the snow city. Meanwhile, Idris heard the voice of Ajmal. Ajmal had a magic torch and when he turned it on, the big snowball smashed into small pieces and Ajmal came out from it.

Idris was shivering from the cold. Ajmal gave his jumper to him. Idris promised that he would never play in the snow again without warm clothes. Ajmal and Idris went back to their homes.