Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Qasim was a boy living with his family in a city. One winter day, his cousin, Anwar came to Qasim’s house. They were playing outside the home but as the weather was cold, they went back home. Qasim wanted his father’s mobile phone but his father denied it. Qasim cried and his father gave him the mobile phone and Qasim went with Anwar to the other room and started to play a game on the mobile phone.

Anwar said that his father never gives him a mobile phone. Qasim says that his father also doesn’t want to give him his mobile phone but he takes it after crying and he always plays games on the mobile phone.

Tears were coming from Qasim’s eyes. Anwar wanted him to stop playing the game because his eyes were getting red but Qasim denied. Anwar wanted him to give him the mobile phone for a while but Qasim said that he could not play the game and added that he would win the game.

Anwar warned him that if he doesn’t want to give him the mobile phone, he would go to his home back. Qasim promised that he would give the mobile phone to him too. Meanwhile, they heard a magical voice from the mobile phone that envited them to enter into the magic city of games.

They entered that city. There were many mobile phones and varieties of games were installed on them. Anwar wanted Qasim to leave the city but Qasim wanted him to play games.

When they were walking in the game city, suddenly Qasim complained to Anwar that it was getting dark and he could not see anything. Anwar said that he could see everything. A big mobile phone said to Qasim that he has lost his eyes sight due to playing more games on the mobile phone and suggested Anwar to take Qasim to the eye’s hospital in the magic city. The physician treated Qasim’s eyes and said that the mobile phone’s light damages eyes during playing games.

Qasim promised that he would not play games on his mobile phone anymore. The physician said that he could play some short games for a while on the mobile phone. Meanwhile, a big mobile phone came and wanted Qasim to play a game on it but Qasim and Anwar were running away.