Year: 28 Week: 01

Episode: 4189

Scene: 20945

Zarghona wants his brother, Omid to give her the book for studying it.

Omid says that their father, Jandad has decided to send Zarghona to Gulmakai to learn sewing and putting rhinestones on dresses.

Scene: 20946

Gulalai asks the doctor of the clinic about Rabiagul’s health. The doctor replies that she has to get oxygen.

Scene: 20947

Gulkhan says to Ahmad that he has taken Samiullah for apologies.  Ahmad says that he forgave his mistake.

Scene: 20948

Gulalai suggests Shekiba not to forget using facemask and washing hands to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Shekiba promises that she would observe the health tips afterward.

Scene: 20949

Jandad wants Zarghona to learn sewing and putting rhinestones on dresses from Gulmakai. Zarghona hesitates and says that she would not be able to study her school lessons then.

Episode: 4190

Scene: 20950

Shukria blames her daughter, Shekiba for talking to a health worker, Gulalai due to the spread of coronavirus.

Shekiba says that health workers help patients and we should not hate them.

Scene: 20951

Zarghona says to her mother, Fatima she doesn’t want to learn sewing and wants her to convey her message to Jandad.

Fatima says that he would share the issue with Jandad but he might not accept.

Scene: 20952

Lalbaz takes some money from Ghotai and wants to pay Purdie.

Ghotai says that she has earned the amount of  money with difficulties but Lalbaz gives them to Purdil fro free.

Scene: 20953

Jandad wants Fatima to pay attention to Omid to study his school lessons.

Fatima wishes that if Jandad could pay attention to Zarghona’s school lessons as well.

Scene: 20954
karim says to Gulalai that the coronavirus disease would take his life.

Gulalai says that if he applies the doctor’s advice and eats fresh fruits and drinks liquids, he would soon recover from this disease.

Episode: 4191

Scene: 20955

Zarghona seems sad. Aqila asks the cause of her sadness.

Zarghona replies that her father wants her to learn sewing instead of studying school lessons.

Scene: 20956

Rabiagul says to Gulalai that she has not experienced such body pain in her life yet.

Gulalai says that the test results show that Karim, Shahperai and Rabiagul are infected with the coronavirus.

Scene: 20957

Adam Khan says to his wife, Dilbaro that he wants to enlarge the issue between Lalbaz and Purdil. Dilbaro says that he is always in favor of evil.

Scene: 20958

Atifa wishes that Gulmakai might not be annoyed with what she told her last day.

Gulmakai says that her talking was in her favor and she would prevent the spread of coronavirus in the winter.

Scene: 20959

Jandad is angry and wants Zarghona to put rhinestones on a hat.

Zarghona weeps and says that she wants to study her school lessons.