Evaluating Business Idea

  Written by: Hasamuddin Hamdard

We probably know many businessmen that face problems in business but some of them have considered some points that led them to a good solution.

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Muhammad Ramish, a resident of Kabul city.

Ramish talks about his business, “I have a restaurant and I have hired a cook and 7 others are busy in work with me. The cook prepares foods in the restaurant and then we sell them in two Suzuki pickups as mobile sellers. We start our cooking in the morning and at 11:30 am, we deliver the foods by the Suzuki pickups to the different parts of the city.

We cook about 140-kilogram rice daily. The price varies according to the order of our customers and it reaches about 50-100 Afghanis per dish. Fresh meat, fresh vegetables, high-quality oil, and paying more attention to the cleanliness of our cook, waiters, and foods are our priority. Our daily net benefit reaches about 2000-2500 Afghanis.”

Variety in Business:

AEPO’s writer/producer has talked to Samira Sarwary, a resident of Kabul city who has considered diversity in her business.

Samira says about her business, “I start my work as a female tailor about 2 years ago. I am a student at the university, my mother is sewing me dresses at home and when my classmates see them, they like them and order me to prepare them the same item.

The enthusiasm of my classmates encouraged me to learn tailoring with my mother and about 2 years before, I started to tailor. We continuously bring changes in the design and shapes of the dress according to the latest designs. Our customers are increasing every day and they like our products.”