Black Cat

Written by: Mina Nazari

Once upon a time, there was a big jungle far from the village. Some cats were living in this jungle with other beasts and birds. One of the cats had two kittens, black and yellow. They were always playing together.

One day, when the yellow kitten was playing with the infant of a monkey, they heard the crying of the black kitten. Yellow went near her and asked about her trouble.

Black replied that she is suffering from stomach pain. Yellow said that as the black has not eaten anything for a long time, therefore she is suffering from stomach pain and wanted to go and bring something for eating. Black said that she has eaten food but she is still suffering from stomach pain.

The infant of the monkey took the doctor monkey to treat the black kitten.

The doctor asked about her food. The black replied that she has eaten a boiled egg.

The doctor asked that if the egg was dirty. The black kitten replied, no.

The doctor saw that the hands of the black kitten were dirty and she asked her if she has eaten the egg with her dirty hands. The black kitten accepted her mistake and she promised that she would never eat anything with dirty hands.