The punctured Bicycle

 Written by: Abdullah Fazli

Hamid and Bahaudin were two brothers and classmates. One day when they have an exam, Hamid wanted Bahaudin to go early on that day but Bahaudin said that they would go later by bicycle.

It was getting late. Sabahudin and Hamid rode on the bicycle and left home for school. When they went a few steps ahead, they heard the sound of puncturing a tire. they saw that that the front tire of the bicycle was punctured.

They returned the bicycle home and wanted to go on foot that Hamid stopped Bahaudin. Bahaudin asked the reason. Hamid showed him the pieces of broken glass that their mother had wanted Bahaudin to throw in the garbage. Hamid blamed Bahaudin for throwing the pieces of glass on the way and a piece of it punctured his bicycle’s tire.

Bahaudin accepted his mistake and said that they would fail the exam and they might also miss the bicycle race the next day. Bahaudin promised that he would never through glasses and other garbages on the way.