Naweed and A Bird

 Written by: Meena Nazari

Naweed was naughty living in a green village far from the city. He was always playing with his friend, Jamil in the alley.

One winter day, when snow was falling Naweed and Jamil left their homes for playing but they did not know what to play. Jamil suggested Naweed play the hide and seek game but Naweed denied it and said that he did not like it.

Naweed took Jamil to his house. Naweed saw a bird behind the window of his hayloft. Naweed said to Jamil that he found a good game. Jamil asked about the game. Naweed wanted him to go behind him. Naweed took Jamil inside the hayloft and wanted him to close to the door.

Naweed attacked the bird but the bird flew and sat on the other side of the window. Meanwhile, Naweed’s sister, Gulalai entered the hayloft and when she saw that Naweed was trying to capture a bird, she warned him to rescue it otherwise she would inform her mother but Naweed did not accept and he warned Gulalai to not inform his mother.

Naweed attacked the bird again and this time, the bird flew and hit itself on the wall and fell on the ground.

Naweed captured the bird and put it in a cage.

When Naweed went to sleep that night, he dreamt that he has transformed into a bird and his friend Jamil wanted to capture him.

 Naweed was crying that he is not a bird but Jamil did not hear his crying and he captured him and imprisoned him in a cage and wanted it to sing a song for him. Naweed was crying. His mother heard his crying and she awakened him and asked him the cause of his crying.

Naweed told about his dream to his mother. His mother convinced him to not bother birds anymore. Naweed promised that he would never capture any bird afterward.