Dangerous Place

 Written by: Nasratullah Samim

Once upon a time, there were two bear cubs, piebald, and gray living in a big jungle with other animals and birds.

One winter day, a rabbit heard the crying of bears and she went near them and asked about their problems. The piebald bear cub replied that his hand is broken and the gray said that her back is injured and they could not walk.

The rabbit said that, as they are bigger than the rabbit so that she could not move them to their house on her back. Bears got very sad and they continue their crying. Meanwhile, a monkey was passing them and the rabbit shared the issue with her.

The monkey said that the doctor monkey has gone to the other jungle. The monkey took the gray bear on her back but when she walked a few steps, she fell on the ground and injured her leg too and she was not able to go ahead anymore.

Meanwhile, other animals said that the doctor monkey has come back to the jungle. They took the monkey doctor and she treated the bears and asked them if they had quarreled with each other. The piebald bears told their story, “We were bored at home and came out for playing but we could not decide what to play.

I suggested playing a game of running on the mountain but gray preferred to climb to an old tree and she added whenever anyone climbs faster, then she would be the winner of the game. I climbed first and the gray chased me. When we reached the top of the tree, the branch broke and we fell on the ground and thus we injured ourselves.”

The monkey doctor said them when they want to go or play a game anywhere, they should watch if the place is safe for playing or not.